Am I worth it?

Are you a pleasure to work with?

Being a photographer is more than just being able to churn out high quality images, it’s also about making people feel comfortable and getting the best out of them in a session.

When I started freelancing I quickly realised that not many people have had positive experiences with photographers. The clients I’ve worked with expressed their grievances when it came to working with hostile, rude and unprofessional photographers. Working with someone who doesn’t make you feel comfortable often leaves you feeling deflated and a little disappointed when the session is over.

Upon learning about these negative experiences I was adamant to ensure that anybody I worked with felt comfortable, relaxed and happy to be in front of my lens. Please take the time to read through the comments on this post before making a booking with me.

I hope that this feedback leaves you feeling confident in my abilities to not only provide you with professional images, but also to make the experience an enjoyable one!

SZ .xo