I always feel so awkward when I have to talk about myself. In all honesty, I don't think there's much to say. 

I always asked myself 'what am I good at? what is my thing?' - you know everyone has a thing. I just didn't have one and I never thought I would. The thing that got me into photography were sunsets. Everytime I see one it's as though the noise around me stops and my thoughts become still. I watch the sun dip below the horizon and the colours explode across the sky and settle into the clouds, just before everything finally goes dark, a sense of peace and tranquility fills my mind. Sounds so cliche and a bit lame, but that's genuinely how they make me feel. I thought if I captured them then that's how I'd make other people feel. However, living in London days would go from grey to black and there would be nothing in between. This pushed me to focus my attention on everything else and through that I guess you could say that's when and why I started taking photographs. 

This site is a way for me to take you along with me on my journeys. Whether that's just me strolling through the streets of London, laying on a beach in Mexico or capturing beautiful faces, I want to share the world with you the way I see it. I want to see the world with you through my lens


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