I wonder through the streets of every city I can take myself to and capture all it's beauty. 

I always asked myself 'what am I good at? what is my thing?' - you know everyone has a thing. I just didn't have one and I never thought I would. 

My obsession with the sky developed into my obsession with photography. Ever since I can remember I've always loved staring up into the sky, or flying through it. Nothing humbles me more than looking up and remembering I'm one tiny person in this massive world. I could be having the most miserable day but when it hits dusk and the sky is a warm orange, I feel humbled. It makes me feel nostalgic for better days. Through my photography I hoped to make others feel the same peace and warmth I felt looking at the sky. However, my pocket isn't long and London is dreary and cold most days so I turned my attention to other things... And now we're here. 

This site is a way for me to take you along with me on my journeys. Whether that's just me strolling through the streets of London or laying on a beach in Mexico. I want to share the world with you the way I see it. I want to see the world with you through my lens